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Dr. Jaime Rodriguez, graduated in Medicine and Surgery, University specialist in Aesthetic Medicine by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) and with specialization in Pneumology through the MIR, leads the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Mesomedic in Palma de Mallorca and in Manacor.

Mesomedic is a medical center equipped with innovative technology and extensive experience in tailoring personalized treatments for each patient. At our aesthetic medicine centers in Manacor and Mallorca, we design comprehensive tailor-made programs that address various facial, body and hair needs. We also provide specialized medical guidance in dietetics and nutrition.

What sets us apart is our philosophy, based on the precise selection of the most appropriate treatment for each patient through a thorough diagnosis. We are committed to achieve the best results with maximum naturalness.

clinica estetica en palma de mallorca

Aesthetic medicine center in Manacor


In our clinic in Manacor, we are committed to the highest quality both in the products we use (exclusively high-end) and in the constant training of our professional team. In this way, we are able to offer the most innovative techniques and treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Find out about the best alternative to transform your body without surgery. Our comprehensive program combines cutting-edge technologies in medical-aesthetic appliances with specialized nutritional advice.


This is a procedure that involves the application of multiple micro-injections containing a combination of active ingredients with lipolytic, draining and firming properties.


In Mesomedic, we bet on a personalized approach and diet along with weekly medical monitoring for nutrition and weight of each patient of our aesthetic clinic in Manacor.


This comprehensive approach is ideal for non-surgical volume reduction. Intended for those looking to improve body contouring, skin, firmness and address localized fat and cellulite.

By combining these elements, we will be able to dissolve fat deposits and accelerate their elimination through natural pathways. This will result in a noticeable volume reduction, fat and cellulite elimination, as well as skin firmness and a draining effect.

Solicita tu primera visita médica

El Dr. Jaime Rodríguez, profesional con más de 15 años de experiencia en el campo de la medicina estética, le orientará en una primera visita sobre los tratamientos que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades.


Facial treatment in Manacor

At our aesthetic medicine clinic in Manacor, we focus on providing the highest quality in our facial treatments. We use only high-end products and maintain continuous training for our professional team. In this way, we can offer the most innovative techniques in the field of facial aesthetic medicine.

We are dedicated to providing you with high quality solutions for various aesthetic needs and facial treatments. From wrinkle reduction to lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid to the removal of skin blemishes and lesions. Our treatments are designed to achieve complete facial rejuvenation, addressing it in the most effective way.

Aesthetic medicine treatments in Manacor

Centro estetico manacor

At our aesthetic medicine center, we offer a variety of medical-aesthetic treatments for the face, body and hair. In addition, we provide personalized medical advice on diet and nutrition, with the aim of making you feel comfortable with both your appearance and your general well-being.

We offer body solutions that include treatments for cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity, backed by medical advice on diet and nutrition. In your first medical consultation, we will determine the most appropriate appliance and the possible combination with a specific diet.

To prevent and treat the appearance of wrinkles, loss of tone, flaccidity… we provide various techniques and treatments that achieve deep hydration, improve skin texture and even out its tone. To address wrinkles, flaccidity and loss of volume, we use filler products adapted to the individual physiognomy of each patient, achieving natural results and a more youthful and healthy appearance.

In the hair field, we provide treatments for hair regeneration and the prevention of hair loss, as well as advanced laser hair removal treatments. Our approaches seek to delay hair loss and encourage new hair growth. At our clinic in Manacor, we work to provide you with complete solutions that enhance your appearance and confidence.

Centro estetica en manacor

Especialistas en medicina estética en Manacor

Apuesta por nuestros especialistas en medicina estética y transforma la apariencia de tu piel, redefine contornos y suaviza arrugas. Mesomedic es tu centro de estética en Manacor, donde encontrarás una gama diversa de tratamientos estéticos personalizados. Lograr sentirte mejor con tu aspecto es alcanzable cuando confías en auténticos profesionales para guiar el camino. Nuestro equipo está respaldado por su amplia experiencia en el campo de la medicina estética y su dedicación y formación constante. Somos conscientes de la importancia de sentirte a gusto con tu imagen y por eso nos mantenemos actualizados con las últimas innovaciones del mercado. Eres especial para nosotros, y queremos que tu imagen lo sea para ti. Visita nuestra página para explorar las opiniones de nuestros clientes, quienes siguen confiando en nosotros, siendo nuestro mejor respaldo.

Nos esforzamos cada día para ser el


mejor centro de estética de Manacor

mejor centro de estética en Manacor. En Mesomedic, nuestra búsqueda constante de excelencia nos motiva a ofrecerte tratamientos vanguardistas y altamente efectivos para realzar tu belleza natural y aumentar tu autoconfianza.

Body treatments in Manacor

In our aesthetic medicine center in Manacor, we prioritize excellence in our body treatments. We select high-end products and maintain a constant training for our professional team. In this way, we are able to provide the most advanced techniques in the field of aesthetic body medicine.

We offer a wide catalog of aesthetic treatments. From flaccidity and localized fat to cellulite removal and varicose veins treatment. We have extensive experience in advanced procedures, such as ND laser with natural results without resorting to surgery. We use top-of-the-line products for your complete body rejuvenation.

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