Professionals in
Aesthetic Medicine

Professionals in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Jaime Rodriguez, Licensed in Medicine and Surgery, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine through the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) and specialist in Pneumology  (Hospital Universitario Son Espases – MIR), directing the MESOMEDIC Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine in Palma de Mallorca and the Aesthetic Medicine Unit in Manacor LASERCLINIC (Hospital de Llevant).

Mesomedic Clinic is a medical centre that offers the most innovative technology with a wide experience in diagnosis and personalized treatment for the needs of every patient. In our centre we offer all types of integral personalized programmes for the face and body: medical-aesthetic facial, body and hair treatments. We also have, personalized medical assessment in nutrition and diet.

Our philosophy is based on the selection during a rigorous pre-diagnosis of a treatment most suited to each patient, with the objective and commitment of achieving the best natural results at the same time.

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Centre of Aesthetic Medicine

In Mesomedic we believe in the best both in the quality of our products (using exclusively high quality products), and in the level of our professionals (continued professional formation of our team),in this way we are able to achieve and offer the latest techniques and treatments.

Find out about the best option of integral body remodelling without having to pass through the operating theatre. It’s a program that combines aesthetic medical appliances with a nutricional influence:

  • We recommend a PERSONALISED DIET and a weekly medical control of nutrition and weight of the patient.
  • MESOTHERAPY, a technique that applies a series of micro-injections with a cocktail of active principals with lipolytic,draining and firming properties.
  • CYCLONE, the most complete treatment to reduce volume without surgery. It is indicated for those patients,men and women,who want to reduce their body contour,improve skin condition,firmness and eliminate localised fat and cellulitis. One of the biggest advantages in respect of other treatments,is that it avoids sagging of the skin after volume reduction.

With the combination of these elements we can achieve to dissolve fat deposits and accelerate the process so that our organism can dispose of them in a natural way,achieving a great reduction in volume,eliminating fat and cellulite,firming the skin with a draining effect.

Your first medical visit is FREE

Dr. Jaime Rodriguez, professional with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, will advise you as to the right direction to take on your first visit about the treatments that best adapt to your needs. This first consultation is free and without obligation.


Treatments in aesthetic medicine

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In our aesthetic medicine clinic we offer facial, body and hair medical-aesthetic treatments; as well as personalised medical advice in dietetics and nutrition so that you can feel good about both your figure and your appearance.

The different treatments and aesthetic medicine attention that you can find in Mesomedic are:

Facial treatments for both prevention and rejuvenation of the face,neck and neckline:

  • To avoid and prevent the appearance of wrinkles,to prevent the loss of skin tone,looseness and sagging different techniques and treatments exist with which we will achieve deep hydration,better texture and an even skin tone.
  • For the treatment of wrinkles,sagging and loss of volume we offer different filling products,applying and taking into account the physiognomy of each face,achieving a natural effect and a younger and healthier appearance.

Corporal treatments and medical advice in diet and nutrition to combat cellulite problems,localised fat and sagging. In this first medical visit we shall determine what type of applications are the most suitable in each case and if they should be combined with a diet.

Hair treatments to regenerate and avoid hair loss. Treatments to delay hair loss and achieve the regrowth of the hair.

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Medical cosmetics to restore the HEALTH and BEAUTY of the skin through a complete routine based on medical diagnosis.  


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