Capillary treatment

There are different kinds of treatments for hairloss and its objective is to potenciate, accelerate and stimulate the function of the hair follicle, also to nourish and hydrate the structure of the scalp.

Time of intervention

30 minutes


Plasma rich in platelets

Mesotherapy capillary



Anaesthesia not needed


  • Therapies with biostimulators: Is an intradermal application of growth factors that are proteins produced by all the cells in the body and they are found mainly in the platelets, provoking a regenerative solution over the hair bulb. This treatment consists of 3 stages: extraction of blood, centrifugal of the blood and application through micro-injections.
  • Mesotherapy capillary: Consists in the application on the scalp of medications, biostimulators, vitamins and antioxydants, through superficial infiltrations.
  • Carboytherapy capillary: Consists in the application intradermally of CO2 with the intention of improving oxygenation and the microcirculation of the skin, in this way stimulating the regeneration of the the hair’s cycle favoring its growth and slowly down hairloss.


  • Regenerate hair follicle
  • Activate hair growth
  • Nourish and strengthen hair
  • Stimulate the formation of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin

Number of sessions

3 sessions, one every 15 days

Appreciation of results

After a month also the density, the thickness and quality of the hair noticebly improves over the weeks and sessions.

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