Take nutritional control and follow a balanced healthy diet, it is the key to maintain good health and the correct function of our organism.


A good professional of nutrition has the knowledge to design diets and menus for each patient specifically. Also, he/she is capable of educating in the field of nutrition, planning daily nutrition and adapting to all kinds of individual needs. For people who what to learn how to improve their eating habits, or because of illness and specific circumstances, they have special nutritional needs, for example, people with some kind of allergy or intolerance to certain foods or people who have a vegan diet or similar needs.

Every person is different and their nutritional needs are also. For this reason, the factors need to be taken into account at the time of advising a nutritional programme.

Food intolerance can provoke varied different symptoms that can be a problem for the health. Headaches, tiredness, stomach pain or diarrhea are just some of the symptoms that can indicate a problem with certain foods. For those people that think they may have an intolerance with any  food, it is recommendable to do an alimentary intolerance test and nutrigenetic test. Other tests could be advised in certain cases, genetic obesity that can direct us, to determine the strategy of the diet of some patients.


There exists different diets that can be put into practise always keeping in mind the personal needs of each individual. We can show the following diets:

  • Diet that provides protein
  • Low calorie diet
  • Detoxfication diet
  • Dissociated diet
  • Chronobiological diet


  • Test for food intolerance: Recognise the foods that are unsuitable. A test that recognises the presence of any grade of sensibility of distinct foods. A specific analytic test is taken to establish the IgE in each group of foods. The results of the test indicate the groups of foods that are potentially harmful for that person.
  • Test of predisposition to overweight and obesity: Know the tendencies of your body. A nutrigenetic study made from an ADN sample taken from a person’s saliva which will determine and identify the factors that predispose genetic obesity, energy balance, appetite regulation of satiety and compulsive intake and weight loss in answer to exercise.

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