5 technologies in one of the same team to reduce volume and eliminate localised fat,unify in the same application the best techniques. The alternative to liposuction without surgery.

Time of intervention

Sessions of 30 minutes to an hour

Areas to be treated






Cyclone Medikalight


No anaesthesia needed

Duration of the results

The results are long lasting. We recommend once treatment has started,that a balanced diet is maintained,regular exercise is taken and correct hydration is fundamental,for the results aren’t only achieved quicker but they are maintained for longer.


Focalized ultrasound HIFU that breaks down molecules of fat through heat. Reducing volume in localised areas and eliminating cellulite.

Ultrasound System of Cavitation. Producing microbubbles in the inside of tissue that impacts against the molecules of fat and breaks them down.

Rotary Vacuum System. This is associated with other techniques of drainage capacity and molding,eliminating excess liquids,eliminating edematous cellulite,conducts dissolved fatty acids towards their elimination.

Radio frequency monopolar. Its objective is to produce a thermal effect over the fatty tissue to trigger the process of lipolysis,obtaining the best results in the adiposities as they penetrate deeper.

Radio frequency bipolar. This part of treatment stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin,favoring drainage and increasing firmness of the skin,giving an effect of smoothness to the treated area. It is most important,as it prevents the production of sagging due to loss of volume achieved with other types of technologies. Also it is useful to smooth uneven skin produced with the presence of cellulite.


  • Reduce volume
  • Eliminate cellulite
  • Lymphatic
  • Prevents sagging

Number of sessions

Between 8 and 14 sessions are recommended,one per week.

Appreciation of the results

In some cases the results are evident from the first session and after the complete treatment  the reduction of volume in localised areas through loss of fat and liquids is very noticable, in some cases as much as 10 cms. The elimination of cellulite is normally perceptible from the first sessions,skin reaffirmation which avoids sagging of the skin after the loss of centimetres and its capacity of drainage and elimination of excess liquids.

Patients continue to get even better a month after the treatment has finished.

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