Where Are Fireworks Legal in Washington State

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There are four types of fireworks licenses issued by the state Fire Marshal`s Office: However, state law leaves some leeway for local regulations, such as when fireworks can be sold or unloaded. Cities and counties can even ban the sale and firing of fireworks altogether. These forms are used by hospital fire departments and emergency departments to report fires and fireworks injuries. These forms should be completed as soon as possible and sent by e-mail, fax or traditionally mail. The most common injuries or causes are: being hit by fireworks, holding or throwing them, lighting or relighting them, and leaning over fireworks. The State Fire Marshal`s Office (SFMO) regulates fireworks manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, general show operators, and fireworks operators to comply with regulations. This includes any business entity or licensed or unlicensed person engaged in fireworks activities in accordance with RCW 70.77 and WAC 212-17. SEATTLE — Fireworks will go on sale in select areas of Washington state starting Tuesday, June 28. But many cities and counties have banned the sale or use of fireworks. Here`s what you need to know before July 4. Here are the general rules for when fireworks can be offered for sale and unloaded in certain areas of Washington State: For public service organizations who want press release templates for local campaigns or inspection forms for retail kiosks, envoyez-fireworks@wsp.wa.gov and we will provide instructions on how to access these documents. Indiana — which lies between Illinois and Ohio — has one of the mildest fireworks laws.

State and federal laws prohibit items such as M-80s, M-100s, modified fireworks, and homemade devices because these devices are powerful and can cause devastating injuries. This page provides an overview of Washington State local government authority to regulate fireworks, including relevant state laws, permits, and licenses, the date and time fireworks can be sold or unloaded, emergency fireworks bans, and examples of local ordinances and advisory votes. Cities and counties can, by ordinance, further restrict the days and times on which fireworks can be sold and unloaded, or even ban the sale and unloading of fireworks altogether, but local regulations cannot be less restrictive than state law. The Commission said detonators on fireworks must burn between three seconds and nine seconds to be safe and legal. Legal fireworks cannot have more than 50 milligrams of pyrotechnic composition to be legal, the commission said. Public Fireworks Report Public Exhibition Site Inspection Checklist For information on obtaining an exemption for fireworks, please send fireworks@wsp.wa.gov an email upon request. The sale and shooting of fireworks is limited to certain hours around July 4th and New Year`s Eve. Local jurisdictions may further restrict the sale and firing of fireworks within their jurisdiction. Always check with your local jurisdiction for the legal use of fireworks in your area. RCW 70.77.395 specifies the authorized dates and times for the sale or dumping of fireworks, as shown in the table below. However, this does not apply to tribal areas.

State-licensed fireworks stands must be approved by the city or county where they are sold. Items such as fireworks, bottle rockets, celestial rockets, and rockets may not be sold, possessed, and/or unloaded in the state. However, these items are legal throughout the country and can be sold or unloaded on certain designated tribal lands. A 14-year-old boy lost his left hand Monday and injured his right hand while playing with firecrackers. If you require a copy of your renewal form, please send fireworks@wsp.wa.gov an email. Renewals do not apply to stands. Similarly, the town of Snoqualmie produced a document that showed which fireworks are considered illegal within the city limits. Some jurisdictions have issued ordinances that come into effect after the one-year legal waiting period in RCW 70.77.250(4) authorizing certain officials (such as the mayor, county council, sheriff, or fire marshal) to prohibit fireworks under emergency conditions such as high fire risk. Fireworks for Legal Consumers in Washington Fireworks and Illegal Explosives Posters Setbacks and signage required SCEAF Installation Fireworks Booth Requirements Retail Booth Inspection Checklist (enhanced) If you come across a device that you suspect is illegal or dangerous, contact your local law enforcement agency or the Bureau of Alcohol.

Tobacco, firearms and explosives. It is your responsibility to be aware of the fireworks laws in the area where you intend to purchase and unload. Always check with local authorities to find out what`s legal in your area. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) enforces state fireworks laws (see Chapter 70.77 RCW and Chapter 212-17 WAC).