Women`s Legal Service Nundah

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Aboriginal Family Legal Service Southern Queensland, also known as AFLSSQ, is an Indigenous society that provides legal and other support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in southern Queensland. The legal department has limited resources that may limit the services that can be provided. There are certain areas of law that we cannot cover and, in these cases, transfers are made whenever possible. YFS is a non-profit organization that provides a range of services to residents of Logan and surrounding areas. We take care of disadvantaged or vulnerable people or who want to improve their situation. YFS is also engaged in social enterprises, with four of different sizes and objectives. We do not provide advice on immigration, tax law, national title, significant commercial and construction matters, draft wills or standing powers of attorney or signing legal documents. If you need more specialised advice, cases or representation, we can refer you to another legal department or to a general practitioner. We provide free culturally appropriate legal advice, welfare and support, advocacy and community building regarding: Junkuri Laka is an organisation belonging to the people of the Wellesley Islands. Our work is in the areas of law, justice and governance, where we are involved in many activities. Our work ranges from advocating for our employees in court to organizing charitable projects. support for local securities companies in mediating conflicts within the community; Whether it`s talking to the government about alcohol regulation or issuing a newsletter. All our work is aimed at rectifying the situation.

Whether it`s between people, between our people and the government, or between individuals and the criminal justice system, or even to make things better for our people by making our community stronger and more independent. Website: www.mycommunitylegal.org.au/ Phone: 0423 466 286 The unit is interested in all areas of law affecting women, but has a strong interest in family law and domestic violence issues. YAC provides free legal, child protection and family support services and services to youth typically between the ages of 10 and 18 (inclusive), particularly those in conflict with juvenile justice and/or child welfare systems who are at risk and/or are homeless or at risk of homelessness and live in or around the greater area of Brisbane. We offer more limited support to people under the age of 10 and over the age of 18; and young people outside Brisbane by phone, website and publications. The centre is staffed on a full-time basis. Services include legal advice, referrals and legal training in the community. HSQ`s services include:– Receive and investigate complaints about health services and health care providers, including registered and unregistered health practitioners.– Decide on the actions to be taken in relation to these complaints and, in some cases, take immediate action to protect public safety.– Supervise health functions, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation behaviour and performance The Agency and National Councils of Health Practitioners.– Provide information on the minimisation and resolution of healthcare complaints.– Public reporting on the performance of our role Legal Aid Queensland provides legal assistance to financially disadvantaged Queensland residents in criminal cases, family and civil. Website: caxton.org.au/how-we-can-help/seniors-legal-and-support-service/ email: admin.slass@bigpond.com AFCA investigates complaints previously handled by the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Credit and Investments Ombudsman and the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. We are the dispute resolution system for financial services.

NCSGI believes that our community, our clients and their families are at the heart of our service delivery, programs and practices. We value strong relationships, commitment and dialogue between this department, our broader community and our clients in determining our direction and service delivery. RAILS is an independent, not-for-profit legal center specializing in refugee and immigration law. It provides free legal advice and support to disadvantaged people. RAILS provides legal assistance to persons who have cases before the Immigration Department, the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal, and sometimes bring cases of public interest before the courts. However, RAILS has a small staff and cannot handle all cases. Our minimal resources do not allow us to take care of many real cases in need. Brisbane North Community Legal Service (BNCLS) is a community legal service that provides vulnerable members of the community with free legal advice, information and referrals on a range of topics. Environmental Defenders Office Qld (EDO Qld) is an independent municipal legal centre that enables the community to use the law to protect the environment. «From navigating the legal system to raising awareness of the impact of domestic violence in Australia, our team will take a stand to make a difference.» The Goondiwindi Community Legal Service offers daily legal advice sessions and a monthly legal advice session from the Rural Women`s Outreach Lawyer. As well as the provision of direct civil law services by legal staff and volunteers in specific areas such as homelessness, refugees, self-representation, administrative law and mental health law.

The Advocacy and Support Centre (CAT) provides personal and telephone legal advice and support. The unit is actively involved in community education and legislative reform campaigns aimed at improving the treatment of women through the legal system. NQWLS Cairns is a community legal service developed and operated by women for women residing in North Queensland. Outreach services are available in many communities outside of Townsville and Cairns. The centre also offers specialized programs in a number of areas, including family law, seniors` rights and consumer law. Website: www.lgbtilegalservice.org Email: lgbti.legalservice@gmail.com Phone: 0401 936 232 Central Queensland Community Legal Centre Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by federal and state government grants and donations from the public. The Centre`s vision is to provide access to legal services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people in regional, rural and remote communities.

The Seniors Legal & Support Service serves the Fraser Coast region and supports seniors who are victims of abuse or exploitation. The service aims to prevent elder abuse through education and advocacy. The Seniors Legal and Support Service is managed by the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre. For legal assistance Phone: 1300 65 11 88 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time – for the cost of a local call (from an Australian landline), excluding public holidays. They refer public interest civil matters in accordance with our guidelines to member firms and lawyers for free legal assistance and we administer the Queensland Law Society & Bar Association`s pro bono programs. Website: www.encircle.org.au/legal-services/ Toll Free: (07) 3881 3500 Suncoast Community Legal Service provides general legal assistance in the form of personal advice, information, referrals and help filling in forms. The Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc. provides free legal services to community members who are disadvantaged in a number of areas of law, including family law, family violence, peace and business conduct, elder law, motor vehicle damage, debt collection, consumer complaints, bankruptcy, labour law, discrimination, labour, neighbourhood disputes, criminal law, traffic issues and other miscellaneous matters. LawRight (formerly Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House Inc.) is a referral and legal services organization.

Taylor Street Community Legal Service provides general legal advice and public relations in the Fraser Coast, Bundaberg, Gympie and North Burnett areas. Website: communitylegalqld.org.au/find-legal-help/find-centre/junkuri-laka-community-legal-centre-aboriginal-corporation Phone: (07) 4745 7278 Website: www.suncoastcommunitylegal.org Phone: (07) 5443 7827 Strategically located in the centre of the fabulous Great Barrier Reef, the North Queensland Office of the Conservationists is a not-for-profit non-governmental legal centre specialising in environmental law in the public interest. We provide free environmental law advice and advocate for the public on environmental law issues of public interest. Legal Aid Queensland has an Easy English brochure to help people understand how to get step-by-step help with their legal problems.