Latest technology laser hair removal, ALMA LASERS.

  • Eliminates unwanted hair easily and painless
  • For all types of hair or skins, including dark and bronzed skins
  • 365 days of the year

Time of intervention

Depending on the area to be treated


Laser Soprano


Anaesthesia not needed


SOPRANO, hair removal with exclusive SHR technology, that gradually heats the hair follicles of the subdermal skin, avoiding the growth of new hair.

The technique of sweeping Motion maintains the laser  in constant movement, guaranteeing treatment over the whole surface of the area being treated.

Also, SOPRANO includes a cooling systemensuring the surface of the skin stays cool and comfortable during treatment, avoiding any pain during the session.


  • Virtually painless (without the need for analgesics or prior preparation)
  • Quick (it’s the quickest on the market, capable of hair removal in large areas and does the work in half the time other systems take)
  • Efficient and safe in types of hair and skin
  • No recuperation time

Number of sessions

Between 8 and 12 sessions

Appreciation of results

Excellent results from the first session and long lasting.

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