With IPL Ellipse-Candela we can easily eliminate capillaries and redness through flashes of light doubly filtered in a safe,effective and lasting manner. Redness presents itself in different sizes,forms and on different areas of the body,diagnosed as port wine marks,couperose,hemangiomas,rosacea,ruby spots, etc.

Time of intervention

20 minutes

Areas to be treated

Face and neck


Vascular lesions




Not needed


Prior cleansing of the skin,a refrigerated gel is applied and later the procedure can go ahead. Protecting the patients eyes by using specialised protective glasses. The sunspots contain melanin and hemoglobin redness. When the cells that contain melanin or hemoglobin they receive thermal light and this warms and eliminates achieving an epidermal alteration isn’t as noticeable or even disappear.

Just after treatment the redness disappears,however the marks darken because of melanin oxidation.

The majority of redness in the skin is treatable. The most frequent are: facial telangiectasias,ruby spots,port wine marks and cherry angiomas. The treatment is more successful in patients with pale phototypes that aren’t bronzed. Depending the nature of the lesion,they disappear in one or a few sessions of treatment leaving the lesion pinker each time or disappearing totally.

Also the penetration of the light stimulates the production of collagen improving the skin’s texture and reducing the size of pores and increasing luminosity and even skin tone.


  • Improves skin texture
  • Eliminates marks and redness
  • Achieves a firm,young luminous skin

Number of sessions

The number of sessions depends entirely on the type of lesion and the size. Clinical studies have confirmed the usually 1 to 5 sessions one each month and a half.

Appreciation of the results

Immediate and in some cases as from three weeks.

Indications before and after treatment

It is important not to sunbathe use a solarium or use of suncream before or after treatment. If the skin is bronzed it will absorb more light,making the treatment less effective. We recommend using sun protection cream (mim. SPF 50) during weeks before and after treatment. Once treatment has finished,recuperation with creams and hydration lotions will be prescribed by the doctor in the days to follow.

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