With the passing of time as we age our skin loses smoothness,elasticity and firmness due to loss of collagen and facial fat. All this translates to the appearance of the dreaded sagging and unwanted wrinkles. The areas most affected tend to be the face and in turn the cheeks,eyebrows,periocular areas,neck and chin. There are a series of preventative solutions and measures that contribute to avoid this consequence and recover the original form of the face,including the skin’s natural luminosity.

Time of intervention

30 minutes

Areas to be treated




Tensioning wires

Collagen inductors

Radio frequency

Hyaluronic acid


Anaesthesia not needed


Tensioning wires:the wires provoke a retraction effect and tense the skin,in this way they progressively stimulate a natural internal process of induction of fibroblast and collagen allowing the skin to benefit from

a better quality,density above all. The tensing wires are

inserted with a fine needle creating a netting in the area to be treated resulting in a firmer more turgid skin.

Stimulators de collagen: The high quality of it’s components produce voluminisation,firmness,elasticity and stimulates the production of natural collagen.

Radio frequency facial: Improving sagging and microcirculation. Treatment is based on increasing temperature in a secure and controlled way on the internal layers of the skin and collagen network creating a better texture and tone. As well as producing a stimulation over the fibroblasts which generate the formation of a better quality collagen,therefore  improving sagging and microcirculation a longer lasting result is achieved.

Hyaluronic acid: Medical technique that consists in redrawing the facial features,treating wrinkles and replacing volume which is lost with the passing of the years in a personalised and natural way.

Appreciation of results

Immediate,reaching optimum results in on month.

Duration of the results

12 months


Lifting effect

Effect V

Increase the production of natural collagen

Definition of body and face contours

Prevents sagging and acts on it

Provides better luminosity and elsatisity to the skin

Recovers lost density

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