Non invasive procedure of corporal remmodelation,through focalised ultrasound technology of high intensity and low frequency. Deep slim eliminates in a painless way the localised fat in different parts of the body,including the most stubborn,like cartucher,flanks,abdomen,and thighs always in an efficient and safe way. Also its very useful for arms and knees.

Time of intervention

40 minutes approximately depending on the area to be treated.

Areas to be treated




Inside face of the thighs



Deep Slim Medikallight


Anaesthesia not needed

Duration of the results

Recommendations personalised balanced diet,regular physical exercise so that the results don’t only have a quicker result but also maintained for a longer time.


This treatment with HIFU technology,focalized ultrasound of high intensity,that acts directly over the adipocytes  in a directed way to achieve a high precision in its action. This energy acts provoking small lesions in the fat cells,destroying them without damaging the adjacent tissue. During the application no inflammation is caused,therefore no time is necessary to recuperate.


  • Various areas can be treated at the same time.
  • Without any secondary effects: This treatment doesn’t effect the surrounding tissue around the target fat cell of the focalised ultrasound. Doesn’t produce inflammation or bruising.
  • High precision to reduce localised fat.
  • Reduces as much as 2.5 cm in a single session; indicated for use on soft localised  and dense fat. The results are noticeable  in three weeks after the session and can increase as much as two weeks after.
  • Painless: This application is simply applied through a fine layer of ultrasound gel of in the area to be treated and doesn’t require anaesthesia or sedatives.
  • Improving corporal composition. The great novelty of this technique is that it is not,invasive and it is painless,respecting fat cells of high biological value and thereby improves corporal composition of the body and therefore the patient’s health.
  • Improves health. By eliminating fat cells mainly responsible for inflammation in our organism and therefore prejudicial for our health,this treatment goes further than just aesthetica as different scientific studies have related,above all abdominal fat that surrounds internal organs,responsible for hipertension,heart problems and others.

Number of sessions

Between 4 and 8 every 15 days

Appreciation of the results

This treatment has demonstrated some excellent results compacting tissue remodelling the silhouette and stimulating the production in the hypodermis and as is seen in the latest studies it is more efficient giving a bigger turgor,elasticity and youthfulness to the tissue,visible after the first session,painless and without secondary effects.

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