Technique to perform deep lymphatic drainage reducing area of large volume and improving of localised fat, edematous cellulite and liquid retention.

Time of intervention

40 minutes

Areas to be treated

All the body


Anaesthesia not needed


Medical-aesthetic treatment to combat cellulite and improve skin quality. It consists in applying, by a team, negative pressure that provokes a suction mechanism and kneading rythm, creating a stimulating massage in and lymphatic draining mode and reducing inflammation of the subdermal,fibrous pathways characteristics of cellulite. The technique couples 2 rollers in a suction system to treat the conjunctive tissue at a superficial level,mediun and deep. To achieve a better rolling movement of the device,a meshing will be offered to the patient to wear and this must be worn before treatment begins.


  • Treatment of localised fat
  • Improves cellulite
  • Anti-retention of liquids and draining action
  • Improves the appearance of the skin in general

Number of sessions

Between 8 to 15 sessions.

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