IPL facial is a treatment through the use of intense flashes of light,effectively improving the visible signs of ageing of the skin, like sun marks and spots,vascular lesions and redness.

Intervention time
20 minutes

Areas to be treated

– Face and neck

– Neckline

– Hands

– Eye bags

Ellipse ipl

Does not require anesthesia


The system Ellipse is unique that it emits safe, short flashes of pulsed light,which is double filtered, to ensure that only the adecuate light is absorbed by the different alterations in the colour of the skin, avoiding any risk of adverse effects. Sun spots contain melanin or hemoglobin redness.. When the cells that contain melanin or hemoglobin receive this light it heats them and they are eliminated, achieving an epidermal alteration that isn’t as obvious or disappears. Immediately after treatment, the marks however become darker with the oxidation of melanin.


  • Improves skin texture
  • Elimination of marks and redness
  • A younger,more luminous firmer skin
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin

Number of session

Between 1 and 3 sessions

Appreciation of results

A month after treatment

Indications before and after treatment

Because bronzing consists of an accumulation of pigment (melanin) in the skin it is important to avoid  (sunbathing, solarium or using sun tanning lotions) before and during the treatment. If the skin is tanned it will absorb more light, making the treatment less effective. Generally  post treatment care is not necessary,however the use of sun protection lotion (min. SPF 50) is recommended.

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