The treatments with hydrochloric acid are applied to reduce wrinkles,replace volume that has been lost,reconstruct facial contour and improve quality of the skin.

Time of intervencion

30 minutes

Area to be treated


Under eye

Nasal grooves

Fine wrinkles

Jaw line


Perioral wrinkles or bar codes

Rino remodelling

Gingival smile

Brow line


The hydrochloric acid fillers, in the main,contain lidocaine,an anaesthetic which will relieve any discomfort.

Duration of the results

The effect can last up to twelve months,depending on the area that is treated.


The medical technique consists in treating the wrinkles and grooves,replacing volume lost during the passing of the years and revitalizing and hydrating the skin. The treatment consists in the injection of hydrochloric acid in a series of points on the face,always with a prior study of the factions and personality which defines each face. The areas to be treated are principally nasal grooves,lip corners,lip profile,lip enhancement,perioral wrinkles (bar codes), cheekbones (loss of volume),jaw profiling. All the materials are biodegradables,meaning to say,they are absorbed naturally by a one’s own body.


  • Smooths the wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth.
  • Gives volume to the lips.
  • Hydrates the lips.
  • Smooths and reduces the appearance of lines on the forehead and around the eyes.
  • Defines and restores volume on cheekbones.
  • Shapes and contours the face to eliminate the signs of visible ageing.
  • Redensifies and hydrates.

Number of sessions


Appreciation of results

The results are almost instant.

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