A combination of radiofrequency shock waves to combat cellulite in a non invasive  way. It treats any kind of cellulite and is especially suitable  in cellulite that is soft,edematosis and flab.

Time of intervention

20-30 minutes approx. depending on the area treated

Area to be treated









Anaesthesia not needed


BTL UNISON treats the 5 causes of cellulite combining in one treatment thermal energy (radiofrequency) and mechanism (shockwaves). It’s the first corporal aesthetic apparatus that unites the two technologies to combat these two problems in one. The shockwaves to eliminate cellulite and orange peel skin,and the radiofrequency to fight against sagging and stimulate the production of collagen.

By fraturing the fibrosis with shockwaves,the aspect of cellulite or orange peel skin becomes noticeably smoother because of the treatment which removes the skin mesh that before pushed the fat. After the procedure with BTL UNISON the reduction in size of fatty deposits is evident,as is the improvement blood irrigation and the elimination of metabolic residues. But not only because of this does the skin look better but also because the device permits the simultaneous application of shockwaves and radiofrequency combating sagging,making the collagen appear remodelled and the epidermis more supple.


  • Decrease in gas pockets
  • Remodeling of collagen
  • Recovery of elasticity
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases the elimination of metabolis residue

Number of session

Between 6 and 12 sessions

Appreciation of results

The patients claim to see an improvment after just one session. The results continue to get better typically during the following months.

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