Bio-revelation, disintoxicate, drain,nourish, revitalise, maintain and balance the skin cells.

Time of intervention

40 minutes

Area to be treated

Face and neck



Acne scars

Stretch marks



Local anaesthetic


It is a treatment is used in order that the factors of growth in the platelets realise their function of fibroblast repair which is made more active and produces better dermal proteins like,collagen,elastin and fibronectin. The advantage is that  being a biological substance produced by our own organism it is free from chemicals and exempt of risk.

This treatment consists of 3 fases

Extraction of blood: a blood sample is taken from the patient

Centrifuge: once the sample is obtained it is then centrifuged at a speed of 2800-3100 rpm during 15 minutes,after which the sample is ready for activation.

Application with micro-injections.


Improves skin texture

Deeply hydrates of the skin

Flaccidity is reduced

Fine wrinkles disappear

Rejuvenates the treated area

Treat and prevents hair loss

Improves hair transplant results

Number of sessions

Between 3 and 8 sessions.

Appreciation of the results

After 1 month

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