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While we encourage new and creative crossword themes, there are a few strict rules (which are broken with extreme rarity) when it comes to building New York Times crossword puzzles. These include: A New York Times crossword will be a collaboration between you and our editors who will try to preserve your voice while making the puzzle as enjoyable as possible for resolvers. This guidelines page is a living document that reflects our current crossword best practices. When searching our database for the same in legal citations. Discover answers and solutions to the famous New York Times crossword puzzle. We are not affiliated with The New York Times. We publish crossword answers to help others when they`re stuck solve their daily crossword puzzles We found 1 possible solution in our database that matches the query The same in legal citations SUNDAY PUZZLE — Samuel A. Donaldson is Professor of Law at Georgia State University, where he teaches courses on real estate, federal taxation and estate planning. He has been solving crossword puzzles for The Times since 2008. His grids are usually filled with dynamic vocabulary, and this one is no different. «Solvers may not realize the problem until they`re done,» Donaldson said of the mystery, «so I wanted the process to reach the finish line to be as enjoyable as possible.» The New York Times is looking for smart, educated, entertaining, and well-designed crossword puzzles that appeal to the Times` wide range of resolvers. On our website, you will find the solution for the same in the legal crossword quotes index.

The only intention I created on this site was to help others solve the New York Times crossword puzzle. I play it a lot and every day I found myself stuck on clues that were really difficult. So I thought why they weren`t solving and sharing their solutions online. My page has nothing to do with the New York Times newspaper. Every day there is a new crossword puzzle that you can play and solve. On Sundays, crossword puzzles are difficult and with over 140 questions to solve. If any of the questions cannot be found, please visit our website and follow our guide to all solutions. This review was last seen in the New York Times crossword puzzle on October 18, 2019. If the index is not suitable or something is wrong, please contact us! Keep crossword puzzles to a minimum, i.e. answers that appear much more in crossword puzzles than in real life (ERNE, ASTA, ARETE, YSER, etc.). Difficult words are acceptable, especially for the more difficult daily puzzles that take place late in the week, if the words are interesting knowledge or useful additions to vocabulary. However, never let two obscure words or names cross paths.

Thank you for visiting our website! Below is the answer to the same crossword puzzle last seen in The New York Times on October 18, 2019. Our website is regularly updated with the latest reviews, so if you want to see more in the archives, you can browse the calendar or click here for all October 18, 2019 reviews. Since you have landed on this page, you want to know the answer to the same thing, in the legal quotes. Without wasting any more time, here`s the answer to the crossword puzzle above. There are six pairs of intersecting entries in this puzzle that contain shaded squares. These squares do not cover all the letters (except in one entrance), but they always intersect. There are also two explorer entries in the middle of the puzzle, at 62 and 73 in diameter. These may not help you understand what`s going on, but they do provide humorous confirmation if you`re at the stage of your solution where you have an idea of the topic but you`re still not sure. The title of the puzzle, «Collision Courses,» goes in the same direction: it certainly didn`t alert me to what happened, but it did seem funny once I had my mind on me. All crossword building programs have settings to create PDFs in the correct submission format as follows: There are many ways to create a crossword, including the good old graph paper and pencil method, although there are also several software. For a full list of these programs, as well as tips from New York Times designers and editors on the puzzle creation process, check out our How to Create a Crossword Puzzle series.

Crossword puzzles must have black square symmetry, which is usually in the form of 180-degree rotational symmetry. In conclusion, there were some notable opinions that deserved to be mentioned; My original HOUSTON signal was «The `Ho` of New York`s SoHo», which I liked, but I also like the allusion to landing on the moon. In the last edition, I had hoped that LIL could be called «Sumpin` Sumpin` Lead-in», but this was not the case. And for BIB, thanks to the editors for the «props for running or dribbling», which is a deadly deception. 74D/75D/76D. These little clues were a challenge for me. I had never heard of «Singer/Composer ____ May» or ELLA; She`s famous, but lately, and in a genre I`m not so good at. 75D, «They start in the corners,» refers to chess pieces called towers.

And 76D, «Bygone magazine for rock music enthusiasts», is a monthly magazine published from 1969 to 1989, CREEM (which is currently experiencing a renaissance). Time puzzles must never have been published anywhere, neither printed nor electronically. The Times buys all rights, including the first rights. Diversity of cultural references – for age, gender, ethnicity, etc. – is desired. I think my favorite feature is the use of two developers. Originally, I only had BUMPER CROPS in the middle row. At some point, I realized that FRANKENFOOD could also be a suitable developer that I could use instead to record BUMPER CROPS for the puzzle title. But then I thought of COLLISION COURSES as another revealer, and when I saw that FRANKENFOOD and BUMPER CROPS were both 11, I decided to use both as whistleblowers and keep the COLLISION COURSES longer for the title. I was happy to get the central fill smooth enough so that both developers could be close to the center, which gave me more space to let the load work in each of the corners with the theme inputs. Original and accurate clues placed on the expected difficulty level of the puzzle, including a variety of cultural reference points. So thanks to Richard O`Brien and Tim Curry for putting this in my brain in high school.

When reading aloud the first and last entry Across Across You should use your best voice from Dr. Frank N. Furter. Thus, OLI/CE and RI/VE become OLIVE and RICE. OA/SH and SQUA/T become OAT and SQUASH. At 62-Across, «laboratory engineering tariff, multifaceted. or a reference to the six crosses of shaded squares» refers to genetically modified plants or animals, sometimes called FRANKENFOOD. (This term dates back to 1992; nowadays, more than half of what we eat falls into this category.) I understood the problem when I solved the third thematic clue – don`t brag! — but the setup is funny and subtle, and without the visual clue in the grid, I would have been lost. As for the thematic clues, I had a lot of fun walking through nostalgic trifles and animated puns. I encountered some difficult points, but I was always lucky crossing letters, which kept the pace high.

Payout varies depending on the day of the week and the number of puzzles you`ve published in The New York Times. 122A. This is another harmless clue that caught me off guard. A «sharing experience» is like a travel partner or a Wonder Twin, someone who accompanies you when you go on an adventure. Instead, the answer is someone with more experience who shares their knowledge with you: a MENTOR. Such mastery of the trick of «hidden capital» too. [Superior apartments, say] obscure the capital S at the beginning of the note and deflect errors from SEE HOUSES.