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Esquire Deposition Solutions provides unparalleled court reports (remote and in-person), from interpretation, audio and video services to lawyers who need properly executed filing solutions. These collections will continue to grow over time. If you have records that you would like to add to a particular collection, or if you have a collection that you believe belongs to UW Law`s digital repository, please contact the repository administrators. The Legal Connection can help you get the legal documentation you need before you file your lawsuit. We prepare an application with your client`s permission for release. We may, if necessary, adjust your application to include an admissible affidavit in accordance with the Rules of Evidence. We are committed to providing world-class legal services with the best customer service in the industry. (Our acronym «TLC» speaks for itself.) We work tirelessly to ensure you have a great experience while providing materials that comply with the rules and requirements of certification bodies. If this is not the case with your current legal service provider, call The Legal Connection at 855.327.7901 (toll-free) and let us show you The Legal Connection. The University of Wisconsin School of Law produces prestigious scholarships, articles from prestigious journals and more.

The Faculty of Law also helps build bridges between the UW faculty and other lawyers, local and international governments. The digital repository houses special collections collected and curated by faculty members, either to conduct their research and teaching, or to house a large but dispersed collection of legal documents. Each collection represents the efforts of the UW Faculty of Law to better understand how law has evolved over time and how today`s law influences and changes our global and local culture. If you have an Internet connection, you can access your files through LORR`s online repository. LORR provides an affordable web-based document management system that stores your documents, photos, folders, deposit logs, notes, emails, and videos and provides secure access to this material. LORR creates your account, configures your username and password and trains you in the use of the system. We also have a local Texas legal registry for those in the immediate area. Larr`s online repository is also a great archiving solution that eliminates and brings online the mountains of filing boxes that accumulate dust in an offsite cabinet or warehouse, where you can quickly search for specific documents. LORR can create an archive of any document you select – closed files, experts, important statements or legal research.

Collection Description (Preserved): In September 2008, the Columbia Center for Oral History (CCOH) received funding to launch a small oral history project to examine the state of human and civil rights in the United States after 9/11. This funding enabled the development of the Rule of Law Oral History Project, a pilot project documenting legal challenges to the death penalty in the United States and the use of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as an indefinite detention facility. Early in the project design process, we found that there was a lot of overlap in the lives and interests of lawyers working on the death penalty trials and the legal architecture of the Guantánamo Bay detention facility. In partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, CCOH conducted seven interviews with senior counsel in Supreme Court cases challenging the legal framework surrounding the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. CCOHS also conducted five interviews with defence lawyers and death penalty supporters. A selection of open interviews can be found on this site. In total, the interviews last nearly 60 hours. In the accounts and accounts collected by the Rule of Law Oral History Project, the intellectual and legal connection between these different areas of work concerns the deterioration of the right to habeas corpus and the fundamental lack of due process available to prisoners in US and military prisons. Other important historical topics documented in our interview collection are perspectives on the legal, political and social history of civil and human rights; the right of individuals to protection against abuse; the personal experiences of individuals, families and lawyers involved in the criminal or military justice system; and the legal, political, and moral responses of individuals and movements fighting to preserve the rule of law in the United States today. Funding for the Rule of Law Oral History Project interviews was generously provided by Atlantic Philanthropies. Recordings are stored digitally for your convenience.

You can access your documents online at any time and check the status of your recovery requests. Legal login also converts your records into a required format for easy integration with your document management software. Interviewees: Anthony G. Amsterdam, Richard H. Burr, Clive Stafford Smith, Stephen B. Bright, Br. Sabin Willett, Thomas B. Wilner No more copying and shipping costs for sending documents to experts or clients – digital versions of your documents can be sent by email. No need to copy documents for production – responsive pieces can be produced on CD for opposing defenders. And you reduce the amount of paper that fills your cabinets, which is good for your office and good for the environment. Dedicated case managers for a complete filing solution Customized document communication, management and storage technology Once the lawsuit is filed, we may prepare, certify and serve court documents, including written notice of testimony, written statement issues, and a subpoena from Tecum.

Collection Description (CRHP): See interviews with Anthony G. Amsterdam and Richard H. Burr, both discussing their work with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Other organizations mentioned in the interviews include the Southern Center for Human Rights, the Southern Prisoners Defense Committee, and the Louisiana Crises Assistance Center. Legal Connection is a historically underutilized Texas company («HUB») qualified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Texas Procurement and Support Services Division. The Legal Connection is also an approved provider on the Central Master Bid List for the State of Texas. Human RightsLawyersNAAC Legal Defense and Education FundPenitentiary TrainersPrisoners Southern Center for Human Rights Access 24/7 to qualified, principled court reporters who produce impeccable transcripts at fair prices and are delivered on time. Esquire, one of the world`s largest providers of testimony services, can personally engage witnesses from anywhere in the world. No matter the size of your business, you have speed, efficiency and global reach at your fingertips.

The Legal Connection does its best to use recycled products whenever necessary and recycles office supplies.