Taipei City Hall Legal Advice

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The Legal Aid Foundation (external link) can provide legal advice and advice to foreigners in Taiwan. There are 22 branches across Taiwan. The hotline is: (02) 412 8518 (English available). I need legal advice to help a non-Taiwanese woman who married a Taiwanese man but is being treated unfairly. Taipei City Hall is far from home. If you know of a lawyer who is willing to help you (must be someone who speaks English) or can be contacted online, please let me know. Thanks in advance. For advice from a New Zealand lawyer on New Zealand law matters, please contact: As an additional resource for foreigners seeking legal advice in Taipei, here is a law firm with English-speaking lawyers offering pro bono. Do you have legal problems and want free advice from a lawyer? The Taiwan Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) uses Google Meet video conferencing technology to provide free legal advice to English-speaking foreigners currently living in Taiwan.

This service is a one-time consultation for your case and must be arranged by prior appointment. Taipei offers free legal advice throughout the city 2003321712 The New Zealand Bureau of Trade and Industry (NZCIO) is not responsible for the competence or integrity of any listed firm or lawyer or for the consequences of any legal action or advice given. The New Zealand Bureau of Trade and Industry (NZCIO) cannot provide legal advice. All we can do is ensure that New Zealand citizens have access to the same legal rights and treatment by the authorities as Taiwanese citizens. Phone: (02) 2712-6151 Fax:(02) 2712-8292 Email: Website: link) Areas of practice: Family Law, Divorce, Children, Real Estate, Labour, International and Domestic Business Transactions, Intellectual Property, Banking, Construction and General Legal Affairs Meredith Connell (MC) was founded in 1921 as the office of the Auckland Crown Solicitor and is one of the largest national law firms from New Zealand. We can help you from the most complex and well-known commercial and constitutional transactions, to the most personal employment, property or insurance matters. In addition, we have an impressive track record of prosecuting virtually all serious crimes in court for nearly 100 years. We are a highly experienced multilingual company that helps Asian investors and migrants comply with regulations, resolve disputes, migrate and acquire goals in New Zealand. Areas of Activity: Document Legalization and Legalization, Corporate Documents, Publishing, International Trade Controversy, Commercial Law, Taiwan Investment Planning, Trademark Application, Patent Application, Intellectual Property Rights, Labor Matters, Chinese Business, Civil and Criminal Proceedings, Arbitration If you wish to use this service, please fill out the form ( ) and we will organize a session of Time for you to Get legal advice online. Thank you very much. Where is this place? I translated the streets but I have no idea where they are in the city.

Thank you. The Information and Support Department of the Taipei Municipal Government Secretariat provides professional advice in the East Wing of Taipei City Hall on the 1st floor. Advice and handling of legal issues related to new residents is offered. Phone: (02) 2704-6808 or (02) 7712-3399 Fax: (02) 2704-6791 Email: Website: link) Do you know someone who offers free legal services in Xinzhu? The importance of legal advice is to give people early access to professional information before a dispute arises so that they can assess the risks of litigation in advance. serves to minimize disputes. The Legal Aid Foundation (external link) provides legal advice to foreigners in Taiwan. The Legal Aid Foundation has 22 branches in Taiwan. The hotline of the service is: (02) 412 8518 (reply in English). The advisory offices of the Department of Information and Support of the Taipei City Secretariat at Taipei City Hall are not responsible for the competence or integrity of the law firms or lawyers listed in the catalogue or for the consequences of any legal action taken as a result of their advice. Tel.: (02) 2705-8086 Fax: (02) 2701-4705 or (02) 2701-4710 Email: Website: link) 13F, No. 27, Section 3, Chung Shan North Road, Taipei Areas of activity: Adoptions, marriage/divorce, industrial relations, insurance, personal injury, criminal law, tax and government relations. For anyone who needs it, John Yuan is available on the first (ground floor) of Taipei City Hall until 11:30 a.m., at least on Friday mornings.

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation`s (TRTC) charitable project «Bringing Remote Students to Taipei MRT» is now i. Other areas of practice: marriage/divorce, estates, contracts, corporations, marketing contracts, foreign investments, real estate, patents/trademarks/copyrights, personal injury, immigration, criminal law and taxation.