Sword Legality Australia

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In terms of controlled weapons, it is not illegal to sell a piece of wood to a minor, but selling a finished club (such as an SCA combat sword) is illegal. EDIT: Thanks for all the answers. Looks like it`s a bit sketchy around swords. I need to call and check with my local police. Our commissioners and stewards or police officers must certify that anyone carrying a sword at a Victorian event has registered an affidavit with the Registrar. You can do this by seeing the membership card of the person on whom a note is affixed. If the person cannot prove that they are a member, they cannot carry or use a sword at a Victorian SCA event. So, yes, legally speaking, he could use a sword or SLO as part of a costume in public, but he would have to be very careful about how members of the public and the police might react, and also about his own behavior. «Prohibited weapons» include butterfly knife, blowgun, ballistic knife, acoustic impact weapon, catapult, crossbow, crossbow, knife or sword in disguise, electric shock weapon, extendable baton, knife or switch blade, American brass fist, gas arrow. I am not a lawyer, although I am a martial artist with a few (sparse) years of experience with sharp weapons, and the essence that instructors and friends have told me in legal fields is that with the exception of «stick» swords (prohibited by the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998), swords are not illegal to possess or carry in New South Wales. Generally, swords such as sword, knife, samurai sword, katana, etc. fall.

does not fall within the scope of the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 and you do not need a licence or permit to possess one and there are no specific requirements for safe storage. If you are buying a sword overseas, you will need to register the sword with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection when you return to Australia – see www.border.gov.au/ Anyone who sells a prohibited weapon (i.e. a sword) must require the person attempting to purchase it to prove their identity and provide a record of the sale in the form of a bound or computerized ledger. Registration system. For more details on the type of proof of identity you must collect and the records you must keep, please refer to sections 9 and 10 of the Firearms Control Regulations, 2011. However, if a sword is hidden or appears to be something other than a sword, for example, if it is hidden in a cane, it is classified as a prohibited weapon and you need a special permit to own it. We require that anyone who wishes to participate in a fight in Victoria or carry a sword for ceremonial purposes maintain their current membership and make an affidavit stating that they are not a prohibited person. If you want to discuss this in detail, please contact me, but I suggest your friend walk past Toys R Us and take a foam sword instead. I carried a sword and shield through Sydney on a Halloween dressed as Link. However, it was sheathed. If you change your contact information or where you keep your sword(s) – for example, if you move – you must notify the Registrar within 28 days. You don`t need to fill out a new affidavit, just provide the updated details.

A friend of mine recently asked me this question and I haven`t really found much online. He wanted to use one of his swords as part of a costume, but is not sure he could be arrested for it. Victoria`s firearms laws are governed by the Gun Control Act 1990 (Vic), which defines four broad categories of firearms (other than firearms) and includes «prohibited weapons» such as tasers, folding knives, butterfly knives, swords, throwing stars, extendable batons, slingshots and imitation firearms. It is illegal to possess or use these weapons unless you have an exemption from the Chief Superintendent (Vic Police). This penalty is punishable by up to two years` imprisonment (or four years` imprisonment if taken to or near authorized premises where alcohol is sold). The argument «only if it is not sharpened» sounds like cod to me, how do you even decide how sharp a sword would be if you were a police officer? You cannot purchase a sword within 28 days of joining the FCC unless you have a firearms licence. Note that under section 11B of the Summary Offences Act 1988, you cannot possess any objectionable device in a public place or school without reasonable cause, including swords. SUMMARY OFFENCES ACT, 1988 – However, section 11B essentially states that if you are in possession of a device that could be used to harm persons or property, and you act in a threatening or threatening manner, you may be charged with that offence, whether or not you threatened with the tool (i.e.

the sword) (i.e. you sheathed a sword at the waist, Make an angry fist at a member of the audience and could get into trouble) Should be fine as long as it`s a display sword (i.e. not sharpened) Yes, as long as you`re not a forbidden person. If the event commissioners have pre-printed affidavit forms on hand and there is someone present at the event who meets the requirements of an authorized affidavit, you can immediately make a statement and use a sword. You must file an affidavit with SCA if you plan to be in possession of a sword in Victoria. Possession does not necessarily mean possession. We cannot provide you with legal advice in this regard, and if you are concerned, you should consult a lawyer. If you only pass a sword from one licensed owner to another, your legal risk may be low.

However, if you may be asked (for example) to bring the Great Sword of the State to an event on behalf of the Crown or take it home afterwards, then you certainly want to be insured in case you are stopped by an RBT with the sword in your car. If you hold a firearms licence issued under Part 2 of the Victorian Firearms Act, 1996, you are not required to provide the FCC with an affidavit stating that you are not a prohibited person. You must always maintain your current FCC membership to carry a sword, and you must send the Registrar a scanned copy of your firearms licence and complete the first page of the affidavit that allows us to record your information.