Nyu Abu Dhabi Graduation Requirements

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To appeal an assigned grade, the student must first consult with the instructor who assigned the grade to discuss the grading requirements for the course and how to determine the grade. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion and wishes to continue to contest the grade, a formal written objection must be filed with the Vice-President, Academic Affairs. If the Vice-Provost determines that there is sufficient evidence to warrant a formal review of misconduct and/or discrimination, the Vice-Provost will refer the case to the Program Manager or equivalent purpose. The program director undertakes a review of the grade by the faculty teaching in the program this semester. All student work will be reviewed to clarify how the grade was determined and to ensure that the grade was awarded without discrimination and in accordance with appropriate professional standards. The ministry`s decision on matters relating to a course note is final. Miners on NYU`s global network Where comparable NYUAD miners do not yet exist, NYUAD students may be able to pursue one of the many academic minors offered elsewhere in NYU`s global network. Students interested in pursuing one of these minors would typically take most or all of the required courses in New York, Shanghai, and/or one of the other locations around the world. However, appropriate NYUAD courses can also be used to earn an NYU minor degree. Directed studies courses generally cannot be used to meet the needs of the global network.

Core skills requirements can be met through offerings in Abu Dhabi or approved courses in NYU`s global network, including some J-Term and summer courses. While some division courses may be listed as core competency courses, courses that apply to a student`s major or minor cannot be used to meet a basic requirement. All successful courses count towards the 140 credit hour completion requirement. However, only courses in which grades of C or higher are obtained may count towards the core subjects, part of the core curriculum, minor or prerequisite requirements. Beyond these requirements, students are free to choose general elective courses throughout the program. These general electives may include foreign language courses, additional courses of their major, courses from other programs, and pre-professional courses. Learn about study requirements, course listings, and other programs. Registration required. In exceptional cases, NYU Abu Dhabi will consider granting loans for courses at other universities. However, credit transfer is limited and is only granted for courses taken after enrollment at NYU Abu Dhabi. Students may earn up to 8 credits per semester during a leave of absence and/or up to 8 credits each summer up to a total limit of 20 credits.

Although a student may receive credits, these credits cannot be used to reduce the total number of semesters of enrollment required. Students must complete a transfer pre-approval form prior to enrolling at another institution to ensure that courses count towards completion requirements. Final approval is conditional on the student submitting an official transcript documenting a grade equivalent to a C or higher and submitting a final program that is essentially the same as the one submitted for prior approval. The final credit transfer approval form must be submitted to the Registrar and will be evaluated by an appropriate subcommittee of the Transfer Credit Review Committee based on academic merit, NYUAD program suitability, and the extent to which courses differ from other course performance the student has completed or will complete at NYU Abu Dhabi. The Transfer Review Committee is composed of the program managers of each major program, the Vice-President, Academic Affairs (VPAA) and the Deputy Registrar. Individual review panels are convened by APVA and consist of the VPA, the Deputy Registrar and such program managers or other subject matter experts as APVA deems appropriate for the respective courses. All exceptions related to the completion of degree requirements are upon request to the relevant Academic Dean. NYU Abu Dhabi offers a range of majors in the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering. Students report a major at the end of their second year. However, some majors have requirements that start the first year. While all successful courses count towards the 140-credit completion requirement, only courses that achieve grades of C or higher count towards major, minor, or core requirements.

Students must also meet additional requirements in quantitative reasoning, experimental inquiry, Islamic studies, and physical education through core courses or courses in their major or general electives. Students who specialize in humanities, social sciences, and psychology and meet all the requirements of the degree and other degrees earn the BA degree. NYU Abu Dhabi`s official transcripts do not include grades for courses taken during a student`s first year of study. However, these grades are part of the student`s academic records to be used for internal purposes such as mentoring students and meeting prerequisites. Official certificates indicate the successful completion of courses in the first year, for which a grade of C- or better is obtained. Courses from which a student has withdrawn or in which the student has received a grade below C- will not appear on the official transcript and will not contribute to meeting the completion requirements. In addition, students may request independent documentation of these grades from the Registrar for external use. First-year students` grades are not included in GPA calculations. This policy contributes to the development of a learning community at NYU Abu Dhabi that emphasizes independent responsibility for intellectual exploration and growth and is suitable for a global student body. Students must reside in Abu Dhabi for their final semester of enrollment (immediately prior to graduation), except in rare cases where graduation from home in absentia may be considered for students within 8 credits of completion. The BS degree is awarded to students in engineering or natural sciences (other than psychology) who meet all the requirements of the degree and other degrees. Additional information for students about accessing records: Students can obtain additional information about accessing their records from the NYUAD and NYU compliance guidelines.

The guidelines can be found under www.nyu.edu/students/student-information-and-resources/registration-records-and-graduation/forms-policies-procedures/FERPA.html. NYU Abu Dhabi has Latin awards at the time of graduation. Latin prices are determined by the official cumulative average. Summa laude is limited to the top five percent of the graduation class in each division, magna laude to the next ten percent of the graduate class in each division, and laude to the next 15 percent of the graduate class in each division. To be admitted to NYU Abu Dhabi, you must meet the university`s admission requirements. Grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities are carefully reviewed and evaluated in our comprehensive review. Attendance is expected in all classes. Although NYU Abu Dhabi`s administration does not monitor course attendance, it does support the standards set by instructors. Students who, in the opinion of the professor, did not substantially meet the course requirements or were excessively absent, may receive a grade deduction, including the possibility of an F, and/or be considered informally withdrawn (see Withdrawal Policy).

As student and faculty grow, new courses are developed to reflect student interests and expand faculty expertise. Course offerings are also enriched by the wide range of programs in NYU`s global network. During the four-year undergraduate course, students have a wide selection of courses across disciplines and are able to meet all degree requirements. A student may repeat a course in which he or she has already received a pass, fail or letter grade. Both grades are recorded on internal transcripts and included in the school average calculations. However, students only earn credit hours once for a repeat course. Participants cannot repeat classes in any particular order after taking more advanced courses. Participants are allowed to audit a course with the permission of the course`s lead teacher.