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She allegedly encouraged people to participate in the illegal protests that took place in Melbourne on August 11 and 21 during Victoria`s sixth lockdown by writing and transmitting messages on the encrypted Telegram app. The office has seven lawyers, one paralegal and two assistants. The Section Chief is B. Michael McLemore. The Deputy Head of Section is Monica Smit-Brunello. On Thursday, September 2, fringe anti-lockdown group Reignite Australia launched a fundraiser for Smit`s right-wing defence. So far, it has reached more than $270,000, even though their lawyers work for free. The southeast section is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, along with the southeast region of NOAA`s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

The office provides legal advice and assistance on matters related to the administration of NOAA programs in eight coastal states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee, as well as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. «Monica has an excellent legal team that has offered her services pro bono for the services provided so far, but we are now asking for the support of the Australian people to cover the cost of the fees ahead and prepare for the battle ahead,» reads her website. Smit remains in custody and is not available for comment. But his other crowdsourcing efforts to fund his legal defense are going well, raising nearly $247,000 and counting. Now that Reignite Australia has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, the group says that once the litigation is over, it will contact donors to ask if their money should be repaid, donated to an orphanage or donated to other Reignite Democracy campaigns. The crowdsourcing campaign showed she raised $247,000 in just five days, despite the volunteer work of some members of Smit`s legal team. The leading anti-vax and anti-lockdown campaigner hopes to have better luck in these cases than in an unconventional legal campaign earlier this year. We reported this week on the legal problems of «freedom activist» Monica Smit, who threatened legal action to protect her online brand while in pre-trial detention for incitement and violation of public health rules. Teffaha was stripped of her legal license in March by the Legal Services Council, which was concerned about her conduct as a lawyer and her speech at a «Freedom Day» rally in December, which called lawyers and judges corrupt and called for revolution in the streets and bloodshed «if necessary.» Shortly after Ms Smit refused to sign her release document, her partner Morgan Jonas – also an anti-lockdown campaigner and outspoken critic of Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews – launched a fundraiser for her right-wing defence.

WATCH: How This Drummer Became a Giant BTS Player in the Music Industry Her parents, John and Lise, claim their daughter is a «political prisoner,» while Ms Smit said in a message through her lawyers that she «would rather be in jail, without rights, than sign them voluntarily.» This month, former chief of staff to treasurer Tim Pallas, Sashi Balaraman, emerged in the role of the agency`s executive director general of corporate planning. He joins former colleagues, including Lisa Maksimovic, senior media adviser to Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, and Alison Karmelich, former adviser. An anti-lockdown activist appears to have earned $50,000 a day in a pre-trial cell after refusing to sign her own bail. Ms Smit remained largely calm during Wednesday`s brief hearing, acknowledging to Mr Gilligan that she understood the implications of his plea of not guilty. Artist`s impression of the first phase of the Victorian government`s proposed Suburban Rail Loop. Monica Smit, an aspiring reality TV activist, managed to post bail last week, but in a dramatic twist, she refused to sign a pledge to comply with the strict conditions. «Flooding his email address and letting him know that Serene has thousands of people behind him,» Smit said. «Ask him to do the right thing.» Seems to be a pretty lucrative system. That is, it is quite difficult to verify the amount collected and where it came from because they used their own website instead of a large crowdfunding platform. The Suburban Rail Loop Authority quickly became the target of choice for the re-establishment of parliamentary staff. The agency, established in 2019 and led by former Queensland infrastructure chief Frankie Carroll, is responsible for implementing the $100 billion, 50-year plan to surround Melbourne`s outer suburbs with a rail line. Smit eventually decided to deny the judge`s bail and remains in detention.

Meanwhile, Menzie`s childhood home is still standing at 8-10 Howard Street in the nearby suburb of Kew. Fortunately in a heritage superposition. Images have surfaced in which Smit is asking its many online followers to «flood» the email inbox of a Victoria Supreme Court judge preparing to hear the case of one of Smit`s allies – disqualified lawyer Serene Teffaha – and ask the judicial officer to «do the right thing» in Teffaha. Ms. Smit remains in detention, her next court appearance is scheduled for 10 November. Ms Smit, founder of activist group Reignite Democracy Australia, said she was not guilty at an online hearing at Melbourne Magistrates` Court on Monday, meaning she will fight both charges of incitement in the District Court later this year.