Misbehavior Legal Term

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Bad behavior; Inappropriate or illegal conduct. Verdicts are sometimes overturned due to jury misconduct. Schmidt v. Messerschmied, 10 Wend. (N.Y.) 590, 25 hours. Dec. 580; Turnbull v. Martin, 2. Daly, N.Y. 430; State v. Arnold, 100 Tenn. 307, 47 S.

W. 221. n. inappropriate and/or illegal actions by a public official that violate his or her duty to obey the law and act in the name of the public good. Often, such behavior occurs under the cover or «color» of official authority. Inappropriate or illegal conduct. A party guilty of wrongdoing; Such as the threat to harm someone else may be related to their good behavior and therefore restrained. See Good conduct. Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. Verdicts are often overturned for jury misconduct; As when the jury, to the detriment of one of the parties, takes documents that have not been presented as evidence. If they separate before accepting their verdict. When they draw a verdict or render their verdict because they agreed to give it for the amount determined by each jury, by making a sum, adding up the total, then dividing the number of jurors by twelve and giving their verdict for the quotient.

A verdict is overturned if the winning party is guilty of misconduct against the jury; like when he says to a jury, «I hope you find a verdict for me» or «the case is clearly on my side.» .