Microsoft Office Oem Lizenz Legal

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* The boxed goods always contain the plastic case with the certificate of authenticity attached and the PKC folded internal card. Only the folded card alone is not a valid license.* ESD licenses are purchased individually from Microsoft and can only be installed on one PC (not on 2 or more PCs at the same time). If you receive an ESD license from an unauthorized reseller, ask yourself if and how you can be sure that the same key has not already been sold several times to other customers! * «Remaining volume license keys» are unfortunately offered by some competitors and allow installation on any number of computers. These keys were stolen as part of a contract for services and are distributed illegally. In addition to the fact that you, as the buyer, are not licensed, there is also the risk that Microsoft could lock such a key at any time and you could no longer start your Office. In general, this risk exists much more with ESD licenses than with boxed products: do you always wonder how you can prove that you are properly authorized in the event of an audit? If the retailer is no longer on the market in the meantime, you won`t be able to prove much with an email containing only a product key. We usually do NOT have ESD licenses until we have any way to ensure that the ESD key is not used multiple times or even obtained illegally (stolen business key or key generated with an external key gene). This phrase, which has been running through PC users` eyes for decades as they clicked on Windows license agreements without reading them, is what made Bill Gates rich. It`s also the gateway to an incredibly confusing thicket of legal words, and Microsoft has made the subject even more confusing over the years by adding layers of anti-piracy protection that are only indirectly tied to the license itself. (And let`s not even start with weird words like real.) All of this may be evidence that you have a valid license, which is a legal grant from the licensor (Microsoft) to the licensee (you) that gives you the right to use Microsoft Windows on a particular device, provided that you comply with the terms of the license agreement. The license itself is an intangible entity governed by a legal agreement between you and Microsoft or one of its partners who resold the Windows license as part of a new PC. This license agreement is what you quickly flip through without reading every time you install Windows.

Boxed goods are delivered as a product key card (PKC) in a cardboard case with a certificate of authenticity attached to the top. This COA as well as the PKC contain characteristics of authenticity whose absence must be presumed to be counterfeit. You can see an example here: What`s New in Windows 11? What are the minimum hardware requirements? When is your PC eligible for upgrade? We have the answers to your questions. I have no doubt that there is a junior lawyer in Microsoft Licensing, probably a recent graduate of the University of American Samoa Law School, who is obsessed with finding any Windows license that has the slightest irregularity. Type the following command to navigate to the Office folder. Yes. Downgrade rights in Volume Licensing programs entitle you to use any previous version of the same product. For example, if you have a volume licensing license for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019, you can use Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 instead. However, you cannot downgrade to Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2016 because this is a different product that is not considered an earlier version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019. There are «boxed goods» (i.e. licenses traditionally delivered in a cardboard or plastic box) and ESD products (electronic software downloads). Today, the vast majority of Windows PCs are sold by giant OEMs who pay Microsoft for each license.

Only a tiny fraction of PCs are built by hobbyists or small system builders. If someone in one of these groups tries to improperly reuse a product key (by activating multiple PCs with the same product key in a matter of days), the activation servers will vigorously oppose it. However, if you reuse a product key months after it was first used, it is likely that Microsoft`s activation servers will make you sign. ZDNET`s recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research and comparative purchases. We collect data from the best available sources, including lists of suppliers and merchants and other relevant and independent review sites. And we look at customer reviews to find out what`s important to real people who already own and use the products and services we review. ESD licenses, which can be purchased from specially authorized Microsoft partners (e.g., are priced up to 10% lower than the price of boxed goods. Both have in common that they can only be installed on ONE PC. Mobile apps on devices with screens larger than 10.1 inches are only visible to everyone except subscribers with a qualifying Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plan.

Eligible Office 365 and Microsoft 365 users can sign in to the Office mobile apps and unlock paid features. Microsoft sometimes looks at its biggest customers, but if you`re an amateur or a small business, you`re literally too small to handle.