Are Long Tube Headers Legal in Colorado

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I am in the same situation. I have long tubes and no cats on my c5 in Arvada. In addition, the secondary air injection and evap system were removed. The error codes displayed on the obdii port have been optimized. I saved my old cast iron headers and pasted cats when I needed them. My next test will be in November. I know a guy with two C5 turbos, he says they don`t have a problem, although I don`t know where he`s going to get tested. Here`s how to determine which aftermarket catalysts are legal for use in Colorado If I were you, I`d trade them and review them, but you might want to have them tested when you buy them so you have time to set them properly to pass every time you get the headers. Whether you currently live in Colorado and want to modify your car or move to the area and make sure your vehicle is legal on the road, you need to know the laws and regulations throughout the state. Here`s what you need to know to make sure your vehicle is legal on Colorado roads. There may also be cases where neither a CARB certified replacement catalytic converter nor an OEM replacement catalytic converter is available for a particular vehicle model. This would happen when OEM replacement catalysts are no longer available (for example, the brand has been discontinued) and none of the aftermarket catalyst manufacturers have received a CARB order. Contact the CDPHE at (888) 861-2646, as there may be an appropriate replacement option for a similar vehicle application.

I buy a C5 Z06 on Saturdays and immediately hate the mods that interest me. Headers are one of the most important, but I noticed on one of the websites of one of the major providers that they say that headers are not allowed on the street, even with cats. So my question is: If you got those spare headers at an emissions test site in Colorado, would the car break down? I do not think there is a visual inspection. Have you looked at the high-speed cats in the aftermarket to accompany the headers? This could solve it if it doesn`t work as is If the vehicle needs a CARB-certified catalytic converter, there are several ways to determine the right catalytic converter to install in a vehicle. The first point of reference should be the catalogue provided by the aftermarket catalyst manufacturer. Aftermarket catalyst manufacturers have printed and electronic versions of their conversion product application guides that have been approved by California and Colorado. These application guides include the part number, make, model, model year, engine family and displacement of the engine/test unit. Honestly, it`s not that hard to pass a CO emissions test, as long as you`ve all worked. But if you fail OBDII, you`ll fail no matter what comes out of your exhaust. In 2018, the Air Quality Control Board adopted California`s requirements for aftermarket catalysts in Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 2222. Your PA system and muffler must meet certain Colorado requirements to avoid fines. It may happen that a CARB certified replacement catalytic converter is not available for a particular vehicle model.

In these limited cases, the only option may be an OEM spare part. Colorado only requires that vintage, classic, and custom vehicles be registered at your local DMV location. Prior to installation, installers should review the manufacturer`s catalog of catalytic converter applications to ensure that the converter model is designed for the specific application of the vehicle and is specifically approved for use in Colorado. Statements such as «approved for use in OBD II vehicles» do not necessarily mean that the approval is valid for Colorado. If you have any questions, you can contact the CDPHE at (888) 861-2646 or A new replacement catalytic converter can be installed if the vehicle has exceeded its emission warranty period and a legitimate need for replacement has been identified. New vehicles are covered by the 8-year or 80,000-mile and 15-year or 150,000-mile federal emission warranty for partially zero-emission (PZEV) vehicles, whichever comes first. A legitimate need for replacement can be identified as part of the vehicle emissions testing program. Reasons for replacing the non-I/M program may include damage due to vehicle accidents, cracked or melted substrate, or converter malfunction.

The CARB Aftermarket Catalyst database provides search options by vehicle make, model year, model and engine size. or the installer may enter an Executive Order (EO) number to determine all applicable vehicles that are eligible for this purchase order. Exemptions from the Air Resources Council are issued by Order in Council. Executive orders for converters prior to OBD II and OBD II can be sorted by executive order number or by converter manufacturer. Aftermarket catalysts sold after January 1, 2009 will also have the CARB Decree number permanently labeled on the converter shell. Webinar: «Understanding Colorado`s New Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Regulations» A list of approved aftermarket catalytic converters can also be found on the California Air Resources Board website: A catalytic converter is an exhaust gas cleaning device installed in the exhaust system of combustion engine-powered vehicles internal. Catalysts reduce toxic pollutants by chemically converting carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides into harmless compounds. But my car is OBD1, so they do a sniff test. If you pass the spying, you will get the pass, although you technically have to fail automatically due to changes made to a broadcast system. Just make sure that as long as the codes have been applied, the fallback codes for OBD ON analysis are applied.

Colorado also has regulations for engine modifications: Under section 25-7-122(1)(b) of colorado`s revised statutes, the CDPHE has the power to impose fines on anyone who violates the requirements of an Air Quality Control Board emission control order. Any person who violates Ordinance No. 20, 5 CCR 1001-24 is liable to a civil penalty not exceeding forty-seven thousand three hundred and fifty-seven ($47,357) per day for each day of violation. No more than four lamps with more than 300 candles can be lit simultaneously on the highway. If a CARB-approved alternative catalyst cannot be identified on the CARB Aftermarket Catalyst website or in the manufacturer`s catalogue; Please call (888) 861-2646 for more information. CDPHE hosted webinars in January 2021 to explain the new secondary market catalyst requirements. The California Air Resources Board issues executive orders exempting certain catalysts from anti-tampering regulations and laws. This exemption allows the use of «exempt» (approved) catalysts in California and states that have adopted regulations in Title 13 of the California Regulatory Code, Section 2222.